132 Hour Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup

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Choosing The Right 132 Hour Training Program

In order to do microblading and other permanent makeup in Colorado an artist must first be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. Then take a 132 Hour Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup course from an approved school, like Accent Beauty Academy, LLC.

Colorado law further states all 132 hours are “contact” hours and must be taught in the classroom. No allowance or credit can be given for “homework” etc. outside of the classroom. This is to your benefit, getting it done “faster” is not going to make you a good artist. Our course covers all the areas and hours required by law and is approved by the Colorado Division of Private Occupational School Board.

Colorado only gives schools a broad outline of the required subject matters and required hours as follows….

1. Sanitation, Sterilization and Safety: 12 Hours
2. Skin Analysis: 8 Hours
3. Equipment and Supplies: 8 Hours
4. Color Theory and Effects: 32 Hours
5. Client Consultation: 8 Hours
6. Application of Pigment: 64 Hours

Beyond those guidelines schools are mostly free to design the 132 Hour course as they see fit. As a result, the who, what and how in each program will vary widely from school to school, even though all students end up with the same “132 Hour Certificate”.

The trainings, certifications and skill level of instructors will vary.  Colorado does not mandate any particular PMU techniques to be taught, so for instance, some schools will include microblading training and others do not. This allows our training to include the most current cutting edge techniques, equipment, pigments etc. from around the world. There are no old school “sharpie” eyebrow techniques taught in our program. Permanent Makeup has advanced tremendously in the past few years and continues at a fast pace.

At Accent Beauty Academy we feel it is vital to your future success as a PMU artist to learn all four of the fundamental techniques. Therefore, we teach:

  1. Microblading / Hair Strokes (and combo brows – microblading with shading)
  2. Ombre / Powdered Eyebrows (good for almost every skin type)
  3. Lash Line Enhancement Eyeliner
  4. Full Lip / Lip Blush

Microblading is the number one requested permanent cosmetic procedure and you will generally need this skill to get your phone to ring and grow a robust permanent makeup practice.

Choosing the right PMU program is a personal decision and many factors will go into your final choice such as, class start dates, schedules, times and cost etc. At Accent Beauty Academy I believe we have put together a top program. Who and where you train with will ultimately have a major impact on your future success as a PMU artist.

Permanent makeup is a high level skill, that when done well can be life changing for the artist and their clients. Accent Beauty Academy’s chief instructor, Alesya is a highly trained and skilled permanent makeup artist and instructor. I encourage you review her many credentials here. With multiple, internationally recognized and respected master training certifications, dozens of 5 Star student reviews and over 460 5 Star client reviews. We strongly recommend you look closely at the personal client work and student work done by the PMU instructor. Take the time to understand what quality PMU work really is and looks like. You can see hundreds of real client and student photos at Instagram.com/AccentBeautyAcademy

The following are the details of our 132 Hour Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup course. After successfully completing the training you will be legally permitted to perform permanent makeup in Colorado and should be able to obtain insurance coverage.

132 Hour Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup Course


The training is designed to build your knowledge and skills in an orderly manner. Training is generally spaced out 2 days a week (8 am to 6 pm) over 6 weeks so students are not overwhelmed in a short period of time.

As part of the course you receive the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals 400+ page student textbook (available in Spanish). This is a valuable resource of accumulated industry knowledge you can refer back to during your career.

You will learn both manual techniques microblading (and combo: microblading and shading) and machine work (ombre / powdered eyebrows, lash line enhancement eyeliner and lips).

Here is the general breakdown of the training days and sample schedule and subjects:

(The order in which the 4 procedures are taught may vary)

Week 1: 
Day 1: Sanitation / Sterilization / Safety /  Rules & Regs / Intro to Microblading
Day 2: Skin Analysis / Equipment / Client Forms and Consultation
Day 3: Color Theory and Effects
Day 4: Color Theory and Effects / Microblading

Week 2:
Day 5: Lash Line Enhancement Eyeliner:  theory, latex practice and Live Model Demonstration
Day 6: Student Lash Line Enhancement Eyeliner – Live Models

Week 3: 
Day 7: Lips: theory, latex practice and Live Model Demonstration
Day 8: Student Lips – Live Models
*(If due to COVID-10 restrictions, we can not work on live lip models, only lip Theory and Latex practice will be taught. You will need another microblading model instead of a lip model)

Week 4: 
Day 9: Ombre Eyebrows: theory, latex practice and Live Model Demonstration
Day 10: Student Ombre Eyebrows – Live Models

Week 5: 
Day 11: Microblading Eyebrows (and combo: Microblading with shading)
Day 12: Student Microblading Eyebrow – Live Models

Week 6: 
Day 13: Recap / Application of Pigment – Student models, your choice of an procedure i.e. microblading, ombre, lash line or lips
Day 14: Overview of touch ups / and or annual color refresh / Final Exam / Wrap Up / Certificates

You will need to provide the models for each of the above days that are in bold and say: Student … Live Models. The times your models will need to arrive will be determined on Day 1.  One model can do more than one procedure (except for eyebrows of course). Your models ideally should not have prior permanent makeup on the procedure area. We will discuss what else makes for a good model the first day of class. There is a $20 additional fee per model to cover blades, needle cartridges, personal protection equipment and quality model aftercare products. You can have your model pay  or you can pay the fee.

You must complete an approved online Bloodborne Pathogens course prior to starting class. The fees are about $25 and take about 2 hours online; a list of approved courses will be provided at enrollment. This training is required by Federal OSHA rules, Colorado state / local laws and our insurance. You will also need to provide proof of either a Hepatitis B vaccination or sign a waiver form. It is strongly recommended that you obtain the 3 shot HEP B vaccination series if you have not previously been vaccinated.

The tuition is $4,800 (+3% for credit card, PayPal or other financing fees etc.). A fully refundable $1,000 deposit is required to save your space in a class.  (Unaffiliated 3rd party financing may be available with approved credit.)

The course fee includes the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals student textbook, a kit with microblading tools, blades, quality pigments etc., a permanent makeup machine, power supply, foot pedal, RCA power cable and needle cartridges for practice, topical anesthetic numbing cream, various latex practice pads and other miscellaneous items.

The school provides all necessary and required personal protection equipment (PPE) needed to perform all the procedures. All you need to bring to class is a great attitude and a willingness to learn.

We hope to see you in one of our classes.

For questions call Mike, the school’s licensed enrollment agent, directly at 303-521-7900 

Schedule of 2021 Start Dates:

January 11, 2021 – Sold Out

March 8, 2021  – Sold Out

May 10, 2021 –  Sold Out

August 16, 2021 –  Sold Out

October 4, 2021 – Sold Out  – wait list

January 10, 2022 – Enrolling Now

Accent Beauty Academy, LLC is Approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational School Board. This course has been approved by the board. After successfully completing this course you will be legally licensed to do permanent makeup in Colorado. (You must also maintain an active Colorado esthetician or cosmetology license to do permanent makeup.)