Alesya Mulholland portrait image

Alesya Mulholland, RN, CPCP

Founder of Accent Beauty Academy, LLC

Alesya has a passion for permanent makeup and teaching.  In addition to starting Accent Beauty Academy, she has a master’s degree in teaching, is a licensed registered nurse, licensed esthetician and a legally certified Colorado permanent makeup artist.

As a second generation esthetician and permanet cosmetic artist, she loves the beauty industry. Starting her nursing career as a cosmetic injector Alesya realized she could better help women through permanent makeup. In Colorado you must have an esthetician license, so it was off to school. Once licensed as an estheticican it was time to complete the requied 132 hour fundamentals course.

This simply confirmed in her mind she had made the correct decision to persue her dreams and to continue with extensive and ongoing training from the best programs around the world. You can see just some of her personal certifications and trainings below. The journey to improve her personal skills is driven by a deep desire to provide the finest in permanent makeup services.  She considers herself  fortunate to be able to marry her passion for permanent makeup with her love of teaching.  Out of those, Accent Beauty Academy, LLC was born. Her journey never ends by, continuing to learn and practice the best techniques from around the world, and sharing that knowledge with her students. Only through the successs of her students can Accent Beauty Academy be truly successful.


PhiAcademy Bold Brows

Microblading Master Trainer

Looking to learn the art of microblading Alesya turned to PhiAcademy – the world leader in microblading training. This began a multiple year process.

Starting off as a microblading student by taking the basic course she became a certifed PhiBrows Artist. That was back when Branko Babic personally reviewed a students work and gave the final OK.

Continuing onwards, improving her game by taking the Perfection training (this happens when your clients “like” your microblading work, but you know you can do better).  You train and get additional feedback from a Master trainer to take you to the next level.

Her studies and microblading practice continued, as the months passed, the quality of her eyebrow work was recoginized by PhiAcademy. A select group of Master Artists reviewed her work and awarded her the PhiBrows Royal Artist title.

Never one to be satisfied, she resolved to learn even more. About that time, European Grand Master Mensura Hodzic developed the hyper realistic microblading pattern called “Bold Brows”.  Falling head over heels for this fuller and realistic technique, she enrolled in the Bold Brows Perfection training with Grand Master Menura to become a certified Bold Brows Artist.

The practice continued with even more practice and helping to assist Masters teach live trainings until she was recognized again by PhiAcadey and became the first Bold Brows Master Artist and Trainer in the United States.

Alesya brings this high level of skill in microblading to each of her students.

Alesya with PhiBrows Master
Alesya with Branko Babic - PhiAcademy

Top left: with PhiBrows Master Gabriella Addie

Top Right: with Bold Brows Grand Master Mensura Hodzic

Bottom left: with PhiAcademy founder Branko Babic

Middle right: one of the PhiBrows classes she assisted teaching

Alesya with Grand Master Megy
PhiBrows students
Alesya Mulholland Bold Brows Master Microblading Trainer

Alesya & Grand Master Otchenash 

Alesya with Sviatoslav Otchenash the founder of AcademyS

AcademyS – Permanent Makeup Master

Microblading alone was not enough… Alesya wanted to have the comprehensive skill set to be a complete permanent makeup artist and instructor. At the time AcademyS founded by Sviatoslav Otchenash and PhiAcademy were partners.

Recognizing the incredible opportunity this presented to learn directly from Sviatoslav Otchenash himself, Alesya began a parallel journey almost identical to that of becoming a Bold Brows Master.

Training in advanced permanent makekup techniques (Magic Shading Eyebrows, Stardust Shaded Eyeliner and Aquarelle Lips) with both Sviatoslav and US Grand Master Paola Soto and assisting with trainings.  Hard work and dedication paid off, by becoming an AcademyS Master and trainer in permanent makeup.


Alesya Mulholland with AcademyS Grand Master

Grand Master Paola Soto and Alesya

Will Anthony

Smoky Lash Enhancement® / Stretch-niques®

Will Anthony is known for a natural and subtle approach to PMU. Early on in my career I was drawn to Will’s Smoky Lash Enhancement® eyeliner technique.

Will realized after teaching and watching students struggle while doing eyeliner procedures, that many students did not have proper stretching techniques for eyeliner procedures. Proper stretching is critical for great healed results.

Will devoloped a comprehensive course (“STRETCH-NIQUES”) demonstrating how to properly stretch the eyes while doing eyeliner procedures. 

I am glad to have taken both of those trainings.


Alesya with Will Anthony

Alesya & Majorie Grimm

Alesya with Majorie Grimm

Majorie Grim, CPCP

A pioneer and 40+ year industry legend in permanent makeup circles. I took Marjories’ 2 day live ColorPro color theory workshop. An amazing wealth of knowledge in permanent cosemtic color theory.

Marjorie Grimm is also the author of “Permanent Cosmetics  – The Foundation of Fundametal Applications”.  The PMU industry’s leading textbook for training new PMU artists. This is the training textbook our students use in the 132 Hour Fundamentals of Permanent Makeup course.

Alesya with Mary Ritcherson

Mary Ritcherson & Alesya

Mary Ritcherson

At a conference in Florida Alesya attended a breakout session on NanoLines® by Mary Ritcherson her trademark machine hair strokes technique.

Understanding that while natural looking hair stroke eyebrows are in big demand, not everyone is a good candidate for microblading.

NanoLines creates natural looking hairstrokes using a single very fine “nano” needle and permanent makeup machine.

Alesya then attended Mary’s complete NanoLines®  machine hairstrokes training class.

Teryn Darling

Is a true PMU artist, having personally completed tens of thousands of procedures.

Teryn is a recogonized leader and trainer in the permanent cosmetic industry. 

Teryn is the founder of Girlz Ink a PMU studio and training center in Las Vegas.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to personally train with Teryn on several occasions.


European Masters

Many of the finest techniques in permanent makeup today originate in the former Soviet Union.

As a native Russian speaker, Alesya is able to access much of the training offered by these talented Russian master PMU artists.

Machine hairstrokes, ombre eyebrows and lip techniques have all been studied, practiced and perfected under the guidence of numerous masters.

Continuing Alesya’s philosopy of always learning to bring the best techniques to her clients and students.



Removal Training

Sadly, not all permanet makeup work is prime time ready. The reasons are many and varied. But inevitalby people will reach out and ask if you can “correct” their existing permanent makeup.

Often, it will not be possible to work over the prior PMU.  It can be old school “sharpied” eyebrows, color shifted, over saturated or just poor shape or symmetry. You want to avoid reinforcing the existing problem. What do you need? A good removal technique.

So I learned multiple removal processes:

Li-Ft from Lipigments


Xtract Removal

Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional


The industries largest trade group.

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals membership represents professionals in the industry who are dedicated to promoting the ideals and standards of the SPCP, offering cosmetic tattooing that is conducted in accordance with safety standards specific to the permanent cosmetic process, and those who stay abreast of and participate in industry activities.

A certified member (CPCP) like Alesya represents the highest level of dedication. Members are certified after passing a rigorous examination demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of permanent cosmetics.