600 Hour Esthetician Program


Esthetics and Skin Care Training

Our aesthetician program complies with all required course work to prepare students to take the Colorado state board licensing exams (practical and written) necessary to become a licensed esthetician in Colorado.

Highlights of the program include:

Tuition: $7,500  +  Student Kit: $1,500 (non refundable)  $9,000 total.  There are no application or registration fees. (your tuition and kit fee covers all your in school expenses, there are no additional fees*)  Three ways to pay: 1. Pay in Full  2. Pay As You Learn  and 3.  Student Loan

Small class size  – 12 students maximum

Classes Enrolling Now:

August 28, 2023  (Monday, Friday and Saturday in classroom)

November 28, 2023  (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in classroom)


Call Mike at 303-521-7900 to arrange a tour of the school or any questions

This is a Hybrid Program:  Combines approximately 8 Hours a Week Online, with 3 Days In the Classroom / Clinic

  • Online: Textbook Theory – Milady “CIMA” Learning Platform.  8 hours a week online, Self-paced, can be done in small pieces throughout the week on your own schedule
  • Hands On: In Person Classroom / Clinic Training  3 days per week –    All live class days are 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the classroom or in the clinic
  • CIMA is a sleek and sophisticated digital learning platform with state of the art learning technology. Provided directly by the esthetics textbook company. CIMA is proven to significantly increase student engagement and outcomes.  CIMA provides both our students and instructors real time feedback of student progress, allowing teachers to optimize the students learning and success.  CIMA ensures students are always using the most up to date textbook and learning materials available. To learn more about the benefits of CIMA vs schools that have “thrown together” an online learning program click here.
  • Full-time – 18 Week Program (4.5 months)
  • Comprehensive Student Kit:
    • Includes Milady’s Standard and Foundations Esthetics textbook (12th Edition) in the online CIMA platform
    • Includes hard copies of Milady’s Standard and Foundations Esthetics textbook (12th Edition)
    • Includes Milady’s Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary
    • Chromebook to access CIMA (student will need internet access* to complete the online course work)
    • All esthetic supplies and materials needed for classroom and clinics
  • Students will complete well over 100 procedures and skin care protocols both on fellow students and members of the public in our hands on clinic
  • High Quality Equipment in the classroom, student client and products
  • High End Skin Care Product Line by Rhonda Allision Clinical Skincare
  • State Board Exam Preparation and Practical Exam Kit (loaner)
  • Student Membership & Insurance through the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP)
  • Experienced, Qualified Esthetician Course Instructors
  • Student Loan Programs. Payments as low as $285 per month for 30 months. (approximately $1,250 down payment, with approved credit, a co-signer is required)


The course is setup to provide approximately 150 hours of theory and 450 hours of hands on skincare for the required total of 600 hours.  Colorado requires all esthetician / beauty schools to teach the following subjects and hours, broken down as follows:

  1. Facial and Skin Care – 210 Hours
  2. Facial Makeup – 30 Hours
  3. Hair Removal – 90 Hours  (students will learn a variety of waxing techniques including Brazilian (intimate) waxing.  We understand that not every student is comfortable or will be interested in providing intimate waxing services.  Students will be able to substitute other waxing services if they choose not to provide intimate waxing services in our student clinic.
  4. Laws, Rules and  Regulations – 30 Hours
  5. Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills and Salesmanship – 30 Hours
  6. Disinfection, Sanitation and Safe Work Practices – 210 Hours


    There is no “fluff” in our esthetics program.  Students will need to work hard to learn the skills necessary for a successful career in skin care.  We purposely decided not to cut corners at the expense of our esthetician students. We choose to use the “CIMA” online learning platform provided by Milady / Cengage (the largest beauty school online learning platform in the world) because it is proven to increase student’s knowledge retention and success in the course. CIMA is always up to date with the most current version of the textbook (many schools use textbooks published 10 or more years ago).  CIMA allows our instructors to design the course material to best move you through our program. We have uploaded substantial supplemental learning materials, videos, pdfs etc. all the course material is available at all times, to all students online.

    Many students feel they want as much “online” as possible hours as possible.  We understand the appeal of online, no travel time and cost associated with traveling, do your course work in your pajamas etc. Some schools are probably still offering up to 500 hours of Zoom meetings etc.  Students at some programs have been known to work on watermelons, do “facials’ on their thighs or video tape a treatment on friends and family members (unsupervised by an instructor), and submit the videos for “review” and credit. Students instead should focus on  maximizing in person hands on time, with real time instructor feedback.

    Your supply kit includes a student membership with the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) and your student insurance policy.  Part of your ASCP membership includes approximately 100 hours of videos on skin care.  Some schools will have you watch those videos and credit you 60 hours out of your required 600 hours. At Accent Beauty Academy we are not sure if those schools count the 60 hours against the state required 150 hours of theory or take the 100 hours out of a student’s 450 hands on clinic time.  Either way, we feel it short changes a students learning, but it is very profitable for those schools to cut corners and save 100 hours of an instructors salary.  We are a top level Premier School member with ASCP.

    Some schools have closed their public clinic for students to practice the various procedures. This is substantially easier for the beauty schools to manage, but we feel it comes at the expense of students.  At those schools students generally only practice on fellow students. As a result students are likely to only experience a limited number (and repeatedly) the same skin conditions, rather then learning and dealing with the vast variety of clients who come to public student clinics.

    Skin care is a hands on profession and is best taught and learned hands on. We deliberately chose to place only the 150 hours of theory online using the  professionally designed CIMA platform, which is then immediately reinforced weekly from the second day of classes, during the 450 hours of live in person classroom / clinic time each week.  Some schools front end most of the textbook theory material and put off hands on training for weeks. We do not front end the textbook / theory work.  Just the opposite, students start working on each other weekly from the second day of class.  Our philosophy is to have students study it in the textbook, quiz on the material at the start of each week, reinforce and supplement the theory with the instructor, then have the technique demoed in class by the instructor, followed by practice on your fellow students, finally bringing in your test our models to be approved to do the procedure in our public clinic.

    Schools should in our opinion have at least 1 complete esthetics station (massage table, trolley, steamers and related miscellaneous items etc.) for every 2 students. Why is that important.  While learning a procedure students will take turns providing the service to their fellow students.  One student will give the procedure, while the other one receives it, then switch.  In order not to have students waiting around for an esthetician station to open up, there needs to be 1 complete station for every two students.  Schools require that students complete a certain number of each procedure (facials, waxings etc.) If schools do not have enough stations they may give students credit for a procedure one of 3 ways.  1. receiving a procedure from a fellow student. 2. Watching a student give a procedure or 3. Actually doing the procedure themselves on a student or client etc.  The first 2 (receiving or watching) short changes your learning as only giving the procedure live on the clinic floor under the direct supervision of an instructor improves your skills.

    Some schools will only have the instructor demo a procedure and then send you home to practice on friends and family, and submit pictures and videos for review an and credit.  Frankly we are not even sure how that is legal as students are not licensed and can not perform procedures without an instructor present.

    Regardless of where you go to school, the purpose of much of the above was just to open your eyes and understand some of the things schools are doing, that may negatively affect your fundamental esthetics training.  The beauty business is an amazing profession that has so many ways a licensed esthetician can grow. Short changing your foundational / fundamental education is not the best way to start your career.  At Accent Beauty Academy we strived to design our program to eliminate short comings such as these.

    Students who do not have enough hands on experience during school may find it difficult to find a job, as many employers will have you do a real treatment on the manager or owner before being hired. Don’t short change yourself during your fundamental esthetics training.

    Esthetician or Aesthetician? What is the difference?  Spelling only. The British use  “Ae” and Americans use “E”  Some beauty trade schools will also try to say “Ae” is more of a medical esthetician.  It is important for students to understand in Colorado the Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA), Division of Barber and Cosmetology regulates the required 600 hours of training and the subjects and hours taught (listed above).  The educational requirements for this fundamental 600 Hour Esthetics programs are supposed to be substantially the same at all Colorado schools. DORA then issues the license required for estheticians. In Colorado and every other state there is no “medical esthetician” license and there is no medical training at any Colorado beauty trade school for the required 600 Hour Esthetics course.


    Students must be 16 years or older to enroll.

    A minimum of 4 students are required to run a class

    *Dress Code:  In class / clinic  Black Scrubs and black closed toed shoes. Nails must be short (long nails interfere with properly working on clients and wearing nitrile gloves). Long hair needs to be neat and controlled i.e. pony tail etc. (so hair can not brush against clients while performing services)

    Students will need to set up a free Google Gmail account if you do not already have one. Gmail is needed to activate your Chromebook included in your kit.

    English as a second language students:  Please note the esthetician course is only taught in English.  The two required Colorado state licensing exams (both practical and written) are only available in English. Students who do not speak English as their primary language may request some additional time to take the written examination).  All students need to understand and have passable skills in English (reading, written and spoken).   There are some technical areas in your studies covering skin, anatomy, skin care ingredients etc. that may required additional time to learn and master, for all students, especially English as a second language students.  This is the same for students at any esthetician school in Colorado.

    *internet access is required to use the CIMA online learning platform and complete the distance learning / homework assignments.  Students need to have reliable internet access, either at home, work, library, publicly available WIFI or students may come to Accent Beauty Academy during regular hours and access the internet.   CIMA generally can be accessed through most platforms, i.e. Chromebook (included in student kit), computers, tablets and phones.  For best results the Chromebook  provided in your student kit or other computer is recommended.