Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A "Student" clinic?

The student clinic allows our qualified senior esthetician students to perform the services they have learned on clients like you.


What Services Are Offered?

We offer a range of skin care services, such as facials, waxing and eyebrow and eyelash services.  All students in the clinic have been trained and have tested out on all services individually before they are allowed to perform any service in our clinic.


What Skin Care Products Are Used?

We believe students should learn and work with high quality equipment and skincare products. We use Rhonda Allison Skin Care products and Cirepil wax products and many other high quality products. Our salon utilizes top of the line equipment.


Is Accent Beauty Academy Licensed And Insured?

Accent Beauty Academy, LLC is fully approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools.  Both the school and our students are insured.


Who Supervises The Students?

Students are supervised while working on clients in our clinic by our licensed instructors.


What Can I Expect?

A quality service at an affordable price. We hope you understand that services are performed by students. As a result things might take a little longer and may be a little less “polished” than what you may experience at an established full price spa. Our students are grateful for the opportunity you give them to perfect the esthetician skills.  Thank you for helping them grow.

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